Frank Edwards : Biography, Musical Career and Personal Life

Frank Edwards

Frank Edwards is a Nigerian and Igbo singer and songwriter who bases mainly in Christian Gospel songs.

Frank Edwards is a well known Gospel artiste all over Nigeria and it is rightly so. As his music is a constant source of uplifting, peace, excitement and joy for Christians all over the world not only in Nigeria. Frank Edwards' music is also largely exported out of Nigeria, as he is very famous.

In this article, we will be looking at Frank Edwards' biography, career, music, personal life and so on.

Early Life of Frank Edwards.

Frank Edwards was born on the 22nd day of July in the year 1992 to the family of Edwards. His full name is Frank Ugochukwu Edwards. 

He is also commonly referred to as FrankRichBoy. Frank was born in Enugu State in South Eastern Nigeria to a family of seven. He started singing at the young age of 10 years. 

Frank Edwards has had his piano skills right from when he was still a very young boy. He learnt to play the piano from his father. Frank Edwards attended his Primary and Secondary School Education in Nigeria but not much is known about Frank Edwards' tertiary education because not much about it is shared.

Musical Career of Frank Edwards.

Frank Edwards has said that Chris Oyakhilome is his teacher and mentor who helped him immensely in the launching of his musical career. Frank Edwards has several singles to his name and has released six albums so far. 

His first album which was his debut, was titled "The Definition" and it was released in 2008. The album was distributed by Honesty Music and consists of 14 tracks. His second album titled "Angels on the Runway" was released to fans and to the public in 2010. His third album was called "Unlimited" and this one was released in 2011. His sixth album is titled "Spiritual Music Season" which was released in 2018. 

Frank Edwards has collaborated with several gospel musical artistes like Nathaniel Bassey, Jeanine Zoe, Sinach, Samsong, Ada Ehi and so on.

Frank edwards is a member of The Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria and there are several other Nigerian Gospel artists that are also members of the church like Sinach, Ada Ehi, Eben, Joe Praize and so on. Most of these musicians cite Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been their solid support system in helping them to launch their musical careers fully. 

Frank Edwards made an appearance in Sinach's popular live performance of "I know who I am" a song which gained lots of fans from all over the world. Frank Edwards' singing notes are highly pitched and he is well known for a high pitched voice.

Apart from releasing singles and albums, he is also a musical producer and sound master mixer. Frank Edwards also owns a record label called Rocktown Records. This record label has a number of upcoming artists signed to it like GilJoe, King BAS, Divine and Nkay, David and so on. These artists are all signed to his record label. 

Frank Edwards has also collaborated with the popular American Gospel singer Don Moen. This was in 2016 for his first album Frankincense. Frank Edwards is also a pianist for the Christ Embassy Church and a part of the LoveWorld Records which was set up by the Christ Embassy Church. He cites the influence of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for his popularity. 

Some of Frank Edwards' songs are Omemma o, You too dey bless me, Welcome to Zion, mma mma, Beautiful, Oya, Oghene Doh, This Love, Okaka , Halleluyah, Onye and so on. Due to some of these songs gaining so much popularity, Frank Edwards got nominated for several awards and won several of these nominations. 

You can visit Frank Edwards' official website to know more about him on There, you get to see his new singles, download his latest songs and watch him perform live in videos.  

Frank Edwards has been active in the Nigerian Music industry since 2007 and his styles of music are Christian Hip-hop, Contemporary worship music, Gospel and Urban Contemporary Gospel. And he also plays a number of musical instruments from the Piano, to using his vocals, to using the keyboards, the Guitar and Drums to make music. 

Frank Edwards revealed in an interview with that he did not plan to be that famous and popular with his music. He said if only one or two people felt touched by his music, he was fine with it. But the fame came unexpectedly. 

Frank Edwards performed at the prestigious The Experience Concert which is an annual musical concert in Lagos held at Tafawa Balewa Square in 2017 and his fans were equally thrilled. He has also said that he loves to meet with his fans and connect with them and that he is happy his ministry is useful for the Glory of God. 

Awards and Nominations.

Frank Edwards has been nominated for several Awards and has won many of them. Looking at a few of the Awards and Nominations, we have Frank Edwards won the West African Best Male Vocalist in 2012, he won the Best Hit Single at the LoveWorld Awards in 2012. 

He has also bagged three big Awards at the Nigerian Gospel musical Awards where he won the Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year and the Best Male Vocalist. Also, his latest album titled Frankincense shocked the world when it beat Beyonce and Adele's albums on iTunes within just hours of its release! 

Frank Edwards' Personal Life.

Frank Edwards is currently single and proud. He was once dating a young girl and based in the United States whose name was Chisom but they broke up in the year 2012. 

He is also rumoured to be dating Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's first daughter whose name is Sharon. Although, this is just a rumour and it is not certain, as the couple have yet to confirm this news. 

Frank Edwards and Sharon have been spotted a few times together but they haven't confirmed the dating rumour yet so it remains a speculation. So, as far as we're concerned, Frank Edwards is still single...


Frank Edwards' biography is what you just read. We hope you liked it! Frank Edwards is one of the best Gospel artists in Nigeria right now that is making waves with his Music. And looking at his work, he surely deserves all the recognitions he has garnered. 

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