Lara George : Biography, Songs, Music Career and Personal Life

Lara George

Lara George is a Nigerian and Yoruba female gospel and inspirational singer, producer, songwriter and vocalist. She is well known for her songs Dansaki and Ijoba Orun which were both great Nigerian gospel songs.

Lara George is one of the most renowned gospel artistes that we have in Nigeria. She has gained so much fame even while doing gospel music. This article will be looking at Lara George's life, her musical career, her awards, her personal life and family.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Lara George, her biography, education, family life, music career etc.

Early Life. 

Lara George Early life

Lara George was born in Lagos state, Nigeria into the family of Bajomo. She was born on the 23rd day of June in 1978. Her family was of the middle class society category and they earned enough to give Lara George a decent and easy childhood.

Lara George has said that her mum wasn't too supportive of her musical career when she first started because her mum felt that one couldn't make a real living from singing. But her dad was quite supportive. Lara George was a part of the choir in her primary and secondary school days and showed lots of enthusiasm towards music saying that it gave her so much joy.


Lara George slice of heaven

Lara George attended her primary and secondary school education in Lagos state. She attended Queen's College in Yaba, Lagos for her secondary school education. Then she proceeded to University of Lagos for her tertiary education in Architecture. She bagged her B.Sc in Architecture from University of Lagos.

Musical Career.

Lara George musical career

While in the University of Lagos for her Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Lara George started pursuing her musical career. She was part of the University of Lagos campus fellowship Choir. She also joined the music band called Kush, which had the likes of TY But, Dapo Torimiro and some other notable Nigerian artistes in it.

She has cited that her membership with Kush group is one of her greatest encouragement to continue doing music. The band Kush later disbanded leaving Lara George to go solo. Lara George acknowledged in an interview that if she hadn't joined the band, she probably wouldn't be where she is today. She has also said that the band shaped her a lot into the music star that she is today.

After leaving Kush band, she went back to her 9 to 5 job at the office.  And she said that people who knew her kept telling her that office job was not true calling. That she was meant to be a musician..  Lara George said in an interview with, that after a year of working in the office, she decided to go back to the studio to start recording.

And ever since then, she hasn't turned back from music. Her hit single Ijoba Orun was part of the Forever in my Heart album that was released in 2008. Ijoba Orun pushed Lara George into fame as Nigerians home and abroad loved the song for its powerful lyrics, its deep meaning and Lara George's awesomely sweet voice. The song also won her several awards in the year 2008.

Lara George has since released several singles of which some are Forever in my Heart, Higher, Love Nwantintin, Fig Tree, Keeper of my Dreams, Dansaki, You Alone, Oba Ogo, Ko Ma Si, A new day, A yin o, O ti se and so many other songs. She has also released 6 albums between the year 2008 and 2017.

Her debut album was Forever in my Heart, then her album titled "Lara George" was released in 2009, then her third album "Higher-The Dansaki Album" was released in 2012, then the album, Love Nwantintin was released in 2014, also her fifth album "The Medley Album" was also released in 2014, then her most recent album "A slice of Heaven" was released in 2017. Lara George has also done a cover for Adele's hit song "Hello" which was released in 2015.

 Lara George has been in the music industry for over 18 years now. She started in 1997 when she was 19 years old. She reminisced in an Instagram post that she was very happy to be a member of the Kush group then, as they went on lots of tours all over Nigeria and the world, meeting with a lot of their fans. But that God has even given her more than she's ever asked for now.

Awards and Nominations.

Lara George has won the Best Female Vocalist at the Nigerian Music Awards in 2010. She won the Female Vocalist of the Year at the Headies Award in 2010 too. She won the Best Gospel Artist at the Nigerian Entertainment Award in 2011. She won the Best African Female Gospel Artist at the Gospel Music Awards in 2012. Lara George has won so many more awards than we will be opportuned to be listing here. She is widely recognized for her immense talent and contributions to the Nigerian Music industry.

Personal Life.

Lara George Family life

Lara George married her husband Gbenga George in September of 2004 and she recently celebrated their 14th year anniversary in 2018. Through an epistle that she wrote on her Instagram account, she thanked God for how far they have come in their marriage.

 She has said repeatedly that her husband has been her greatest inspiration. She said in an interview with that her husband Gbenga, would sometimes encourage her to go to the studio to record songs and that he was a motivation in times when she was down.

Lara George and her supportive husband

 She has two kids, a boy and a girl. Her daughter's name is Tiaraoluwa while her son's name is  Adeoba. She has said that her husband has always been her manager from the onset. Gbenga George is also a music entrepreneur himself. Lara George has shared that though her marriage has had its fair share of tough times, she and her husband have been able to pull through it all well.

She has also disclosed that she put off having children early in her marriage so as to concentrate on her career. But that she has learned how to balance things out.

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