Tim Godfrey: The Making Of A Star

In a remote village in Kaduna called Nasarawa, a child was born in the family of Mr and Mrs Godfrey, they christened him;  Timothy Chukwudi Godfrey. 

Little did the parents of Abia state indigene know their child was going to be a force to reckon with and also a king in his lane as nobody does Crazy, energetic, Jaw dropping and refreshing Gospel music better than him.

Growing up

Born an extremely poor family of nine, growing up wasn't all rosy for Tim. He had to hawk at several points in his life just for the family to feed and get by. Three square meal was a fantasy as he only ate once a day. At a point, He was a local bus conductor while his father, Mr Victor Godfrey was the bus driver. Houseboy as he often calls himself was a phase too as he was an actual houseboy for three years!

The death of his father dealt a serious blow to the family already frequently separated as the kids were always at one place or the other worming as houseboys.


Music wasn't the only thing this electrifying performer was passionate about growing up, In fact, music wasn't his major love, it was football, yes football! He loved football far more than singing but there wasn't any opportunity for him to build on his love for football.


From an early age, he has had the flare for music and he always tried to stand his ground musically with much older people. With the church playing a huge role in influencing him musically, it wasn't surprising he chose to stick to the church by keeping his music clean and gospel. From his teenage years, while he was in Secondary school, he was in the adult choir of his church.

He picked up playing instruments from his uncle that he lived with teaching himself to play some instruments. Today, he plays five different instruments and he plays them incredibly well. Before he started his career in singing and making music, he spent over a decade as a musical director tapping into musical directing, song writing, vocal grooming, song arrangement, and music performance.


As the church boy he is, he set sight on the likes of Kirk Franklin, Hezekiah Walker and a host of others for inspiration. Each one of these people adding a thing or two to his style of music. He had a huge love for choirs and gospel bands, a love that still lives till today.

Even Though his sound isn't the typical, religious and churchy kind, he has found a way to incorporate his message into his more fast tempo, funky electrifying sound that easily resonates with the younger generation.


After somewhat 10 years as a musical director, 14 years ago, in the year 2004, Tim Godfrey started his full-fledged music career. His love for the choir and his decade-long experience as a musical director led to the birth of his band and music group called, "Tim Godfrey And The Xtreme Crew", a critically acclaimed group considered to be one of the best modern gospel crew out of Nigeria where he is the director. The group received Award for Musical Excellence at the AMEN Awards 2005.


The Band must have lost count as between the last 14 years, they've graced far more than a thousand gospels shows, concerts serenading the crowd with their mesmerizing carriage.

A handful of notable ones include:

1. Kora Awards in South Africa in the year 2005
2. Ghana Music Awards in the year 2006
3. A Five state tour of America in June 2006
4. Inter State Music Tour with Set Him Off Music Ministeries in 2007
5. The Experience 2016


In 2008, Tim Godfrey recorded and released the life-changing hit song "Agidigbo", This was first globally accepted smashing hit that went to open a lot of doors and secured a lot of shows and deals that further shone the light of Tim Godfrey. Riding on the wave of this song, Tim Godfrey went on to make incredible music including a collaboration with the highly revered Grammy nominee Marvin Sapp and the opportunity to lecture at the Common Wealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja alongside the similarly crazy popular gospel musician Tye Tribett.

He can be described as a complete musician as he is blessed with super talents and likewise he is skilled in various musical form. He never lacks the creativity to cook up ingenious ideas and great songs.

Personal Life

Did you know Tim Godfrey is a father? Tim Godfrey has a son but he is a single father and his son lives with him, he isn't a fan of having maids so he personally caters for his son's needs taking him to school, dropping him off and even cooking for him amongst other things.

He feels this experience has even further increased his respect for women as he does basically all a mother does and he has seen how tasking it can be taking care of one child not to talk of many, he feels women don't get enough credit for how strong they are. He is single but marriage is in his plans as he hopes to settle down in the next year or two.

Tim Godfrey

Considered as the musical prowess and talent of Kirk Franklin rebirth in a crazier body, Tim Godfrey is a vocal instructor, a Music director, a writer, an arranger, a Music producer, a public speaker, multi-instrumentalist and a recording and performing artiste.

He is a father, a brother to five siblings; three males and two females, he's a son to his mother who is his only parent still alive. Since the year 2004 that he started music officially, he has grown, rising to the top amongst the more modern gospel musicians in Nigeria.

Earlier this year, The ROX(Republic of Xtreme) label boss was honored with an honorary doctorate degree in fine arts at the prestigious Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Atlanta, Georgia.

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