Sinach: Biography, Early Life, Music Career, Personal Life

Sinach is a Nigerian and Igbo gospel singer and songwriter. In this article, we will be looking at Sinach's biography, her career, her personal life and everything you need to know about her. Read on to know more about Sinach.

Early life


Sinach was born as Osinachi Kalu although her name as a married woman is now Osinachi Joseph. She was born on the 30th day of March in the year 1973. Osinachi Kalu is from Ebonyi State in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

She was born to the family of Kalu and they are a family of nine which includes their two parents. Osinachi is the second daughter of her parents' seven children.

 Osinachi while growing up loved to sing so much. Although, she's said that she did not have any intentions of taking her singing to the professional level.

Her family and friends admired her singing talent and she had joined the choir at a very young age. While she was a child, she was singing mostly as a hobby. She used to sing for people and audiences while she was young and she was much praised for it very much.



Osinachi Kalu popularly known as Sinach, attended her primary and secondary School education in Nigeria. She then moved on to the University of Port Harcourt popularly called UniPort located in Rivers State in South Eastern Nigeria for her Bachelor's degree in Physics. Sinach had all of her education in Nigeria.

Musical Career.


Sinach has said that her professional stage name, "Sinach" was derived from her original birth name Osinachi, because she thought Sinach was a very catchy name to use as her stage name. Sinach has written over 200 songs and has so many hit songs sung by Christian worshippers all over Nigeria and all over the world.

She has become so very popular that she has had International shows in a number of countries. Before she became famous, she was a staff and chorister at popular Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's church, Christ Embassy.
This helped her in getting better at singing tremendoudly. She sang at many programs organised by Christ Embassy Church and she was the Worship leader. She has also released a number of albums. She has released seven albums in all. Her debut album is titled "Chapter one", she has also released six other albums namely, "I am Blessed", "Shout it Loud", "From Glory to Glory", "Sinach at Christmas", "Sinach Live in Concert-The name of Jesus", and "Way Maker-Live".

Some of Sinach's songs have become popular Praise and Worship songs sung by Nigerians all over. Some of those hit songs are, Way Maker, I Know Who I Am, Great Are You Lord, Rejoice, Precious Jesus and so on. Her other songs that she has sung that are not too popular include; He Did It Again, The Name of Jesus, This is my Second, Awesome God, For This, Jesus is Alive, I stand amazed, Simply devoted, You do mighty things, From glory to glory, Dance in the Holy Ghost, I Fly, No Other Name, You are so good, All I see is You, From Me, You are a Wonder and so on. Sinach has sung so many songs and has several videos for some of her song performances on YouTube.

She has performed in several countries like the United Kingdom, Zambia, Kenya, Dominica, South Africa, Canada, United States and so many more. Sinach is a senior Worship chorister at the church called Believers' Loveworld International. Also, Sinach has said once that het musical career wasn't one that her dad supported. Because her daddy thought it wasn't a lucrative profession. But sinach said that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the Christ Embassy founder, played a major role in encouraging her to pursue music fully.

Sinach has said that her style of music is not only gospel, but also motivational. She said that she wants to use her voice and talents to bring hope to the hopeless, and to turn more people to God's mercy and Love. And looking at it, she has been doing a fantastic work on that so far. As so many people love her songs for their spirituality, inspiration and motivation. Her songs, "Way Maker" and "I know who I Am" are popular Praise and Worship songs all over Nigerian Churches.

Personal Life
Sinach and Joseph

Osinachi Kalu is married to a Pastor at Christ Embassy whose name is Joseph Egbu. Osinachi and Joseph have a child together although, the name and gender of the child is not something we know. She has also said that Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is her mentor and that she admires him a lot.

Awards and Nominations.


Sinach has won many awards including The Song of the Year Award, for a song titled, This is your Season. She received this award in 2008. Sinach has been listed as one of the top 100 influential Nigerian Christians according to YNaija.

She won the Western Africa Artist of the Year in 2016 in Kenya at the Groove Awards. Sinach has also received the African Achievers Award for Global Excellence. Also in 2016, Sinach was the first person to receive the LIMA Songwriter of the Decade Award.

The award was given to her for her immense contribution to the growth of the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry in the past decade. Sinach is obviously a well established and recognized Singer all over Nigeria and she definitely loves what she does!


We hope you learnt what you were looking for about Sinach with this Biography. Sinach is a well recognised Gospel Artiste we must say.. And she deserves her success.

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